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Leventi Combination Ovens

Leventi Combi steam ovens are reliable and compact and will easily adapt itself to your space these include the Leventi 4 grid cobination oven, Leventi 6 grid combi ovens, Leventi 10 grid combi steamers, and the Leventi 15 grid combination oven

Lainox Combi Ovens

Lainox Combination ovens include Lainox gas comination ovens and Lainox electric combi ovens. These are available as lainox 6 grid combi ovens, Lainox 10 grid combination ovens, and Lainox 20 grid combi ovens Lainox even manufacture a 4 grid combination oven

Rational Combi Ovens

Simple to use with amazing results.
Select food, select finishing and leave.

Fantastic lease to buy rates !

The Rational Self Cooking Centre has seven main cooking modes.

Roast, Grill, Poultry, Fish, Baking, Finishing & Combi Steamer.


15% faster on cooking time, 18% less shrinkage.

Pentrating food probe controls how the food is cooked inside.

The oven cleans itself. At the end of the day put the wash tablets in and select clean cycle. Return to a sparkling clean oven.

Perfect for roast dinners.

Cooks 200 portions of chips in 11 minutes.

Chickens cooked in 18 minutes.
Pan work made easy. With the Rational Self Cooking Center you can prepare panfried meat like escalopes, cutlets, medallions alongside a huge variety of breaded products quickly and easily without looking after them.

Replaces conventional burners, chargrills, fryers, hot cupboards etc.

100 steaks in 11 minutes. Branding effect with the use of a griddlegrid.

Lincat Combi Ovens

Lincats new Self Cooking Centre - "A New Revolution In Cooking" offers unprecedented flexibility to individualize and control the entire cooking process yielding perfect results every time. 15% faster than conventional combi steamers. Achieve swift and generous returns on your investment. In addition to increasing the number of meals you are able to serve, costs are significantly reduced in many key areas. Reduced cooking shrinkage means 22% less spent on raw materials. Reduced energy and labour costs mean more profit. For the smaller establishment the Parry TEC range offers many of the benefits of the Self Cooking Centres providing an economical option without comprimising on quality. Purchase on a lease to buy and these machines can pay for themselves.
Models include Lincat OSC61, OSC62, OSC101,OSC102,OSC201, OSC202. lincat Combi Oven

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