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Hobart Glass and Dishwashers

Hobart Glass washers and Hobart Dishwashers are renowned quality Hobart Rack dishwashers give you peace of mind. Hobart under counter glass washers and Hobart under counter Dish washers as well as Hobart pass through dish washers give you the full range. So Hobart Ecomax plus Range and Hobart Ecomax Compact range are the industry solutions


Maidaid glasswashers Maidaid dishwashers, Maidaid Ice Machines

Blendtec Blenders

No1 for Blendes blenders choose from Blendtec xpress blender, Blendtec space saver blender and Blendtec Q series blenders. Blendtec heavy duty blenders are ideal for busy coffee shops and restaurants as Blendtec blenders are a powerful commercial blender


For all Newscan products call us now. Newscan supply a massive range of products including, Newscan Ice Machines, Newscan Contact Grills, Microwave Ovens, Convection Ovens, Steam Combination Ovens as well as Newscan Kebab Machines, Hot Display Cabinets, Lava Rock Grills, Fryers, Pizza Equipment, Electric Pizza Ovens, Gas Pizza Ovens, Conveyor Ovens, Spiral Mixers and Pizza Formers Newscan supply a fantastic range of glass and dish washers at unbeatable prices

Robot Coupe

No1 for Robot Coupe including Robot Coupe 101, Robot Coupe 201, Robote Coup211, Robot Coupe 301, Robot Coupe 301U, as well as the Robot Coupe 401, Robot Coupe 402, Robot Coupe 502, Robot Coupe 502V, Robot Coupe 602, and the Robot Coupe 602V

Rational Combi Ovens

Simple to use with amazing results.
Select food, select finishing and leave.

Fantastic lease to buy rates !

The Rational Self Cooking Centre has seven main cooking modes.

Roast, Grill, Poultry, Fish, Baking, Finishing & Combi Steamer.


15% faster on cooking time, 18% less shrinkage.

Pentrating food probe controls how the food is cooked inside.

The oven cleans itself. At the end of the day put the wash tablets in and select clean cycle. Return to a sparkling clean oven.

Perfect for roast dinners.

Cooks 200 portions of chips in 11 minutes.

Chickens cooked in 18 minutes.
Pan work made easy. With the Rational Self Cooking Center you can prepare panfried meat like escalopes, cutlets, medallions alongside a huge variety of breaded products quickly and easily without looking after them.

Replaces conventional burners, chargrills, fryers, hot cupboards etc.

100 steaks in 11 minutes. Branding effect with the use of a griddlegrid.

Falcon Catering Equipment

Falcon Bains Marie, Falcon Grills, Falcon Free Standing Fryers, Falcon Convection Ovens, Falcon Boiling Rings, Falcon Griddles, Falcon Ranges also Falcon Gas Chargrills, Falcon Steaming Ovens, Falcon Water Boilers, Falcon Counter Top Fryers, Falcon Eloma Steaming Ovens, Eloma Combination Ovens, Falcon Induction Hobs, Falcon Bratt Pans, Falcon catering equipment.

Parry Catering Equipment

No1 for
Parry fryers, Parry griddles, Parry gas and electric ovens, Parry mobile serveries, Parry hot cupboards, Parry pie cabinets, Parry merchandisers, Parry dishwashers, Parry fly killers,Parry pasta boilers, Parry grills, Parry salamanders, Parry pizza ovens, Parry combination ovens, Parry char grills, Parry duck ovens, Parry lamp units, Parry steel tables, Parry storage shelves, Parry bottle coolers,Parry ice makers, Parry bain maries, Parry hobs, Parry solid tops, Parry chip dumps, Parry water boilers, Parry burger chutes, Parry carvery serveries, Parry chip scuttles, Parry nacho warmers, Parry sandwich grills, Parry plate warmers,Parry microwaves, microwave oven, Parry glasswashers, Parry panini and contact grills, Parry patisseries, Parry merchandisers, Parry refrigeration, Parry wall shelves, Parry sinks, Parry janitorial units, Parry taps, Parry knee operated sinks, trollies, canopies, and much more.


No1 for Manitowoc ice machines including Manitowoc commercial ice machines, Manitowoc suppliers uk, Manitowoc commercial ice machines also Manitowoc large capacity ice machines

Williams Refrigeration

The full selection of Williams refrigeration is now available at The Catering Equipment Company Please call our sales team as we update our website
01603 439459

Hobart Catering Equipment

The full ranges of Hobart products are available for you at The Catering Equipment Company. With Hobart products you are always assured peace of mind
A great product selection inc, Hobart dish washers, Hobart ovens, Hobart Mixers and Hobart. As well as this Hobart has much more from Hobart food processors to Hobart retarders call now for the Hobart product you need

Blue Seal

No1 for Blue Seal catering equipment including Blue Seal fryers, Blue Seal Ovens, Blue Seal chargrills as well as Blue Seal salamanders, Blue seal pizza ovens, Blue seal Bake off ovens, infact the full blue Seal Range of catering equipment is now available

Gram uk

Gram refrigeration is second to none. At Gram you will get peace of mind with a fantastic product.
Gram refrigeration is suited to today's market with style and durability. Choose from Gram prep counters, Gram display fridges, Gram fish cabinets as well as Gram blast chillers, Gram blast freezer, Gram bakery and Gram Euro. For all Gram products and access to the Gram website visit The Catering Equipment Company now or call 01603 439459 gram uk

Lincat Catering Equipment

No1 for the full Lincat range from Lincat ovens, Lincat fryers, Lincat hot cupboards and Lincat Griddles Also available Lincat char grills , Lincat pizza preparation stations Lincat water boilers, Lincat 6 burner ranges and Lincat combi steamers in fact you can purchase the full Lincat range at The Catering Equipment Company
Please call our sales team on 01603 439459 for more information on Lincat products

Mastro Catering Equipment

MASTRO offers an incomparable range of product to all catering end users from the smallest bar or café through to international hotel and restaurant chains: simply the only catalogue you will ever need.

The MASTRO system combines international purchasing power and operating economies with the ability to deliver service and support through national distributors and local dealers. This provides our customers with the latest products at the most competitive prices on a 48-hour delivery service all-available through an experienced local contact

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