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No 1 for Carvery Units
Mobile carvery units, bespoke carvery units and mobile carvery units with various finishes. We sell pub carvery units as well as carvery units and buffet display for hotels. Chilled buffet display and salad bars also Chinese buffet display
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Mobile Carvery Units

Mobile carvery units are versatile and affordable. A selection of mobile carvery units including 13 amp plug and play to larger mobile carvery units 20 amp - 3 phase supply. Mobile carvery units / buffet units can be finished in a variety of options and sizes
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Hot Carvery  and Buffet Display

No 1 for hot and cold buffet display. We supply heated and chilled buffet counters and bars. With optional heated and chilled drop in units to bespake counters designed especially for your business. We design and install your buffet/ carvery units making sure that the buffet counter or carvery you require works for you. Lots of finish options and designs for you to choose from
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Bespoke Carvery and buffet display

Bespoke counters

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At Hotel Catering Supplies we specialise in bespoke counters. From design to installation, heated and chilled buffet display at the end of the phone.

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Staff Canteens

Staff Canteen design and staff canteen installation. No1 for staff canteens. Staff canteens and buffet display. Call now for all your staff canteen requirements. Staff canteens for hospitals. Staff canteens for offices. staffcanteens for industrial sites

Bespoke Bars and Counters

Bar and counter design and installation we design bar and counters for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops pubs and café's. We work close with you to supply the bar that works for you. Optional finishes available to suit your bar or counter requirement

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Chilled Buffet Display

Chilled buffet display
We supply chilled buffet display to the UK. Chilled salad display and chilled buffet counter designed and installed. Chilled buffet display with gantries, standalone chilled display as well as drop in counter chilled buffet units. Optional finishes on all refrigerated display counters. Bespoke cold counters with the latest technology in the industry
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carvery Unit Accesories

carvery Unit Accesories including carvery pads, carvery unit dsplay pots and trays. as well as Bain Marie and gastronorm pans

Catering Equipment |  Buffet Counters and carvery units