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Bespoke Carvery and buffet display

No 1 for bespoke carvery units and buffet counter. We design bespoke carvery units with you in mind. The bespoke carvery and buffet display options are enormous. Granite counters, wood finished bespoke carvery, tiled carvery, Dekton finished counters and much more. With design and installation we supply the bespoke carvery or counters giving you peace of mind. Full drawings as well as samples for finishes supplies before installation of your bespoke carvery or counter

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Combination Ovens

For a selection of commercial combination ovens
Rational Combination ovens, Lincat combination ovens, combi ovens, combi steamers, also 6 grid combi ovens, 4 grid combi ovens, 10 grid combi oven, 20 Grid combi ovens, catering combi ovens, heavy duty combination ovens look no further. We have a selection of Rational Combination ovens, Lincat combination and many more which include Huno combination ovens and Blue seal combination ovens
For your combination oven suppliers or combination oven manufacturers call our sales team now on 01603 439459

Catering Ovens

No1 for commercial ovens and catering ovens including

Choose from solid top ranges, 8 burner gas ranges, 6 burner gas and electric ranges, 4 burner ranges and dual fuel commercial oven ranges. A selection of Falcon oven ranges, Lincat oven ranges Blue Seal oven ranges and many more. Many options available in gas and electric commercial ovens and ranges

Hobart Glass and Dishwashers

Hobart Glass washers and Hobart Dishwashers are renowned quality Hobart Rack dishwashers give you peace of mind. Hobart under counter glass washers and Hobart under counter Dish washers as well as Hobart pass through dish washers give you the full range. So Hobart Ecomax plus Range and Hobart Ecomax Compact range are the industry solutions


For commercial Fridges, catering Refrigeration, or restaurant fridges look no further. we have a selection of bottle coolers, single door bottle coolers, double door bottle coolers, three door bottle coolers, undercounter bottle coolers, and back of bar bottle coolers, as well as bar refrigeration you can choose from fish counters, pizza prep tables, wine dispensers, patisserie displays, multi decks, refrigerated trolleys, serve over counters, chest fridges, walk in fridges, under counter fridges, upright fridges, single fridges, and double fridges, the list of manufacturers for our refrigeration include Gram refrigeration, Inomak refrigeration, Blizzard refrigeration , Studio refrigeration, Vestfrost refrigeration, Mondial Elite refrigeration, and Fosters refrigeration. So if it's stainless steel fridges, stainless steel refrigeration, white fridges, quality refrigeration, heavy duty refrigeration, or heavy duty fridges call 01603 439459 now for the right choice

This section is still under construction please call 01603 439459 for more details

Glass Washers and Dish Washers

We are No1 for glass washers including quality glass washers, industrial glass washer's large glass washers, under counter glass washer, small commercial glass washer, glass washer with a drain pump or self draining glass washer we can help. Our glass washer manufacturers include Hobart glass washers Breakline glass washers and Newscan glass washers to name a few. Call now for more information on the glass washer best suited for you
At the Catering Equipment Company we are your one stop shop for dish washers; our selection of quality dish washers will give you peace at a great price. Our dish washers are industrial dishwashers for the catering trade. So if you need a pass through dish washer, a small commercial dish washer, a dish washer with a drain pump or self draining dish washer we can help. Our dish washer manufacturers include Hobart dish washers and Newscan dish washers to name a few. Call now for more information on the dish washer best suited for you.


No1 for catering chargrills , gas chargrills; electric chargrills, table top chargrills, and free standing chargrills, Our Manufacturers of chargrills include Lincat chargrills, Blue Seal char grills, Mastro chargrills, Falcon chargrills and Parry char grills supplying us with a selecton of twin chargrills , heavy duty chargrills, medium duty chargrills Lava grill char grills

Coffee Machines

No1 for coffee machines including bean to cup coffee machines, traditional coffee machines, classic pour and serve coffee machines, instant vending coffee machine, as well as Jura X9 bean to cup coffee Machine The Jura X7 bean to cup coffee machines, complete coffee centres as well as coffee machines for 100's of cups per hour or coffee machines for a small shop. Of course we must not forget the stylish group 1 coffee machines group 2 coffee machines and group 3 coffee machines, ideal for cappuccino, espresso and latte. At the Catering Equipment Company we are also able to supply all the equipment you need to compliment your coffee machine like, knock out draws, coffee roasters, coffee grinders, cup warmers, filters, milk fridges, coffee cups, coffee machine cleaning products, water boilers and much more. Call 01603 439459 for the best price on a quality coffee machine today

Display Cabinets

No1 for refrigerated displays including multi decks , serve over counters, bottle coolers, Display toppers, Table top refrigerated displays, Wine Coolers, fish counters, shop displays islands, Pastry display cabinets, and much more. For frozen display look no further as we have a selection of soft scoop ice cream display cabinets, frozen food counters, glass door frozen displays and frozen serve over counters.
Next in line is the heated display with a selection of heated pie counters, pizza display cabinets, and lamp heated displays heated Gantry


No 1 for refrigeration including commercial freezer, chest freezer, walk in freezer, blast freezer, under counter freezer, upright freezers, single freezer, double door freeze, our freezer manufacturers include Gram freezers, Inomak freezers, True freezers, Blizzard freezers, Studio Freezers, as well as Vestfrost freezers, Mondial Elite freezers and Fosters freezers. So if you require stainless steel freezes , white freezers, freezer displays, shop freezers, freezer suppliers, catering freezers or heavy duty freezers call us now on 01603 439459


For a selction of fryers gas fryers electric fryers, table top fryers and free standing fryers you need top make one call 01603 439459
We sell Lincat Fryers, Blue Seal Fryers, Mastro Fryers, Falcon Fryers, twin fryers, single fryers as well as heavy duty fryers and medium duty fryers


No1 for catering griddles including gas griddles electric griddles, table top griddles and free standing griddles.
We sell Lincat griddles, Blue Seal griddles, Mastro griddles, Falcon griddles, twin griddles, single griddles as well as heavy duty griddles and medium duty griddles

Ice Cream Display

For ice cream freezers and soft scoop ice cream counters look no further. We have a great selection to choose from including small table top ice cream counters, ice cream chest freezers, soft scoop ice cream displays and many more. for larger ice cream shops we sell the Gala range of soft scoop ice cream counters they range from
GRAN GALA 12 1335mm x 1195mm x 1135mm 12 x 5 Litre Napoli pans
GRAN GALA 16 1335mm x 1540mm x 1135mm 16 x 5 Litre Napoli pans
GRAN GALA 18 1335mm x 1695mm x 1135mm 18 x 5 Litre Napoli pans
GRAN GALA 20 1335mm x 2230mm x 1135mm 20 x 5 Litre Napoli pans
GRAN GALA 24 1335mm x 2230mm x 1135mm 24 x 5 Litre Napoli pans

Ice Machines

No1 for ice machines including commercial ice machine, large ice machines and heavy duty ice machines, our ice machine manufacturers include Newscan Ice Machines, Brema ice Machines, Hoshizaki ice machines, and whirlpool ice machines


No1 for microwaves icluding Sharp microwaves, samsung microwaves, Panasonic microwaves, commercial microwaves as well as heavy duty microwaves, light duty microwaves, programable microwaves, and manual microwaves.. So if you need a commercial microwave please call 01603 439459 The Catering Equipment Company making life a bit easier.

Mixers, Slicers, and Preparation

No1 for preparation including,
mixers , slicers, blenders, Grinders , food processors, band saws, sausage fillers, cheese graters, meat slicers, veg prep machines vegetable washers, potato peelers, Robot Coupe prep machines and much more. In this section you can choose from a large selection of mixers including spiral mixers, plant mixers and table top mixers, all with quality in mind.

This section is still under construction please call for details on 01603 439459

Our Catering Equipment Manufacturers

catering equipment manufacturers including Lincat catering equipment manufacturers, Mastro catering equipment manufacturers. Gram catering equipment manufacturers, True catering equipment manufacturers, Blue Seal catering equipment manufacturers, Hobart catering equipment manufacturers Rational catering equipment manufacturers Falcon catering equipment manufacturers. Fosters catering equipment manufacturers,

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