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DC Ice Machines

The DC ice machine is available with three methods of production
Choose from spray system ice machines, paddle system ice machines and vertical evapoutration. a massive selection from small under counter ice maches through to large capacity ice machines

Brema Ice Machines

For a great ice machine with peace of mind choose Brema ice machines. with 3 years warranty on all Brema ice machines you know you have quality. Choose from a wide selection of various sized ice machines starting with the Brema CB184A ice machine capable of 21kg per 24hr to the VM900A capable of 400kg of ice per 24hr

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki Icemakers widely regarded as the best out there featuring a closed cell system (not the AM-25) which produces very high quality hard clear ice which lasts longer and removes the need for a water softener in hard water areas.
The Hoshizaki IM range feature micro computer control meaning no seasonal adjustment, removable, clean-able air filters and a durable stainless steel exterior.
HOSHIZAKI produce a huge range of icemakers producing various shapes and sizes of ice - fingers, flakes, nuggets & cubes in a range of quantities.
The full range of Hoshizaki ice machines can now be found at The Catering Equipment Company

Manitowock Ice Machines

The Manitowoc line of commercial ice cube machines range in daily output from 45 lbs (21 kgs) to 2,000 (908 kgs) pounds. Choose air, water, or remote air-cooled condenser models producing dice, and half dice size ice cube.

Valera Ice Machines

No1 for Valera Ice Machines including Valera C250 ice machine, Valera C400 ice machine, Valera C600 ice machine, Valera C800 ice machine, valera C1200 ice machine, valera C1600 ice machine and Valera C2800 ice machines also available are Valera Ice flakers and Valera wave ice machines.

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