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School Kitchen Design

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Some issues to consider if converting an existing space or expanding an existing kitchen:
" Is this area big enough to be converted into a kitchen, at least 6m x 3m?
" Are the floors non-slip kitchen standard?
" Are the walls food-safe and able to be wiped clean?
" Could an extraction canopy be fitted and adequate ventilation ensured?
" Does this area link easily to the school dining room?
" Is there adequate mechanical and electrical services capacity for the new kitchen?
A kitchen audit is a specialist job.
Your local authority, caterers, or catering equipment supplier should be able to put you in contact with someone who can help. Five areas to consider as part of an equipment and kitchen audit:
1. Kitchen refurbishments and extensions or developments- changes to cooking, serving, storage space
2. Large kitchen equipment - to cover storage (fridges) and improved cooking efficiency (combi-ovens), dishwashers, prep' machines etc.
3. Additional serving trolleys and serveries - hot and cold cabinets, hot plates etc.
4. Small kitchen items including light equipment, cutlery, plates, bowls etc.
5. Safety and regulation - any need to up-grade electric circuit boards or increase ventilation
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Canteens For Schools

A great college or high school cafeteria shouldn't just give your student's tasty and healthy food, the design can depend on numbers of students to space available. Creating the relaxing school or college canteen can have an impact on the rest of the day for your students.

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